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All of our paid and free resources in one place to help you organize your numbers, prep for tax deadlines, and DIY your way to having your financial shiz together.  

Because we totes understand that not every small business owner is ready to outsource their bookkeeping, and we’ve got your back no matter what.


Your Cash Flow

Ask a Dime 

Google ain’t cutting it and you want some mutha fuggin answers you can trust. 

Need help figuring out the basics of bookkeeping? Constantly back and forth on pricing your offers? Finally ready to get really real about paying yourself and planning for taxes?

Then it's time to book a sesh with a Dime and get the knowledge you need to DIY your finances with actual confidence.

- 60-Minute 1:1 Zoom Session
- Pre-Session Questionnaire 
- Notes & Recommendations 
- Recording of Session 
- 2 Weeks of Virtual Support 
- Additional Freebies & Resources 

$350 W. KIRSTI
$220 W. ERIN (lead bookkeeper)


Ever catch yourself doom-Googling tax questions?

Never again bb girl, because now you've got 2 bookkeeper baddies in your back pocket. Instead of side-eyeing the small biz girlies when they start dishing out questionable business advice, just send us a Slack message or hop on a call to get all the answers you need!

BBGR is the *exclusive* Club for DIY-ers wanting financial guidance at the drop of a dime.

- Quarterly 1:1 Calls with Erin to review your bookkeeping in QuickBooks (or your spreadsheet) and get answers to more complex questions
- On demand Chat Support in Slack for answers, advice, and guidance when you're in panic mode 
- Access to unreleased resources, tools, and cheatsheets
- BONUS: 20% discount on The Dime Sheet

$150 per month

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Bad B$tch Get Rich Club

empowering creatives

Since my strategy session with Kirsti, I not only feel 10x more knowledgeable and empowered when it comes to my business finances, but…

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I was also able to immediately take action on things like debt consolidation, opening a retirement account, restructuring my budget, and more. 

In less than an hour, we covered so many financial topics and Kirsti gave me amazing personalized advice, recommendations, and resources to help me move forward. If you're feeling stuck, unsure, or overwhelmed about your business finances—you need to chat with Kirsti ASAP!

- Fran, Dubsado Expert

Owning a business is a wild ride, but your finances are a part you can't just 'wait and see' about. 

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Are you feeling like your whimsical but revolutionary and never-before-attempted but totally doable business idea was an amazing idea, but oh crap it worked and now you have, like, a business? Me too, friend. Luckily, Dory Dimes exists, and Kirsti is basically your best bookkeeping friend, strategist, and angel on high to make sure your books aren't the reason you're working 14 hours a day, Woo, that entrepreneur life, amirite? Hire her. Get the wisdom you need. You will have negative zero regrets.

- Amanda, Virtual Business Manager + Content Writer

Working with Kirsti completely changed the game for me.

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I went from being an absolute MESS with my understanding of my business finances and taxes, to feeling so knowledgeable and so empowered to take care of my finances moving forward. Kirsti is so patient and thorough and just really knows her shit. 10/10 recommend if you want support and guidance towards becoming a more successful business owner.

-Nicole, Design & Strategy 

QuickBooks feeling like a Rubik’s Cube? Use this instead. 

Snag this DIY workbook with built-in formulas and categories so you can easily track your finances, estimate your taxes, know how much to pay yourself, and never miss a deduction or deadline again.

Go on. Let out that sigh of relief.

Income & Expense TRacker
Lifetime Access for $98


The Dime Sheet


Wondering where the funk all of your hard-earned money goes by the end of the month?

Download this guide to learn what numbers you should be analyzing and the best way to track them, so you know how much money you’re making and where it’s being spent. 


No idea where to start when it comes to managing your small business finances?

From setting up for success, to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks—this guide’s got the need-to-knows that will keep your business finances looking fresh as funk. (Printable checklists are included—you’re welcome.)


Whether you like it or not, the tax deadlines will continue to show up...

But, you can make it way less stressful for yourself by downloading this free guide that walks you through everything you need to do, the deadlines to keep in mind, plus where to make those pesky quarterly payments.

Financial Analysis 
for Creatives

The Bookkeeping 

Quarterly Tax Checklist 





Business and Financial Tools We                 


Outgrown your bookkeeping spreadsheet and want to use software? While we seriously recommend outsourcing, if you do opt to DIY, sign up for QuickBooks Simple Start (not Self-Employed). Use our link to save 75% in the first 3 months.


Stop using Venmo to pay people. Use Gusto instead to streamline your contractor payments and S-Corp payroll. Gusto also files your 1099s and W2s for you, boom. Use our linky-doo, and snag yourself a $100 Visa card when you run your first payroll.


The system we use for client management and recommend 10-fold over other subpar competitors. And because we’re all about saving the people money where we can, use our code “dorydimes“ for 20% off your first month/year.

(Biz Banking)

A bank account that pays you? Yeah, dude. This digital bank not only has zero fees and takes 10 minutes to set up, but you can also earn 2.0% interest with their business checking account. Duh.

(Biz Banking + CCs)

Bottom line? Chase is the largest bank in the U.S. and as such, offers some top-tier banking features and customer service. They also have some of the best credit card rewards you can find.

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