BOOKKEEPING SERVICES FOR Photographers & creatives 

Wanna know what happens when you hand over your                         to Dory Dimes?


You stop stressin and you stay stacking cash because you have a whole-ass team in your corner who is there to help you make strategic decisions backed by your numbers. 


Enter Dory Dimes.

You’re an exceptionally talented human, who is dedicated to your craft, and lives for providing your clients with the same first-class service we dish out here at Dory Dimes. 

But when it comes to the number stuff, you’ve been avoiding it. Odds are it sounds boring AF or possibly, triggers a lil' anxiety. Or maybe you get a pit in your stomach whenever you log into your bank account because you’ve been skirting some muy importante responsibilities. 

(We see you, sweet baby angel.) 



creative yin.

Once you’ve got the number-savvy Double-Ds (Dory Dimes) on your team, you can finally stop…

- Battling to keep up with your books—or, let’s be hoe-nest, catching your books up after ignoring them for a month… or 12

- Struggling to come up with (or stick to) a budget, and then wondering where the hell all of your money keeps disappearing to

- Stressing over things like whether or not to switch to an S-Corp, if you should be paying quarterly taxes, or how to make your QuickBooks less of a hot mess

And start embracing that peaceful, easy feeling that comes with knowing that the pros are handling all of it for you.

We’re here as the

to your

financial yang 

Done-For-You Bookkeeping Services


You’re ready to level your finances the funk up and know that your 6-fig income is built sustainably. 

If you’re wanting organized AF books, reports you can understand, numbers you can rely on, and some serious hype-woman energy to get you amped about multiplying your profit, this one’s for you

  • Categorization of All Transactions in QuickBooks
  • Monthly Account Reconciliations
  • Monthly Financial Analysis & Recap (Custom Visual Reporting & Video Walkthrough)
  • Sales Tax Tracking 
  • Annual 1099-NEC Filings
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unlimited Email/Text Support
  • Quarterly Check-in Calls
  • Collaboration with Your CPA




  • S-Corp Reporting Standards & Entries
  • Owner Payroll Processing
  • Contractor Payment Management
  • Troubleshooting in Gusto (setup not included) 

Classic for S-Corps

Classic Girlies enter here

optional add-ons

Sales Tax Filingnever miss a deadline again!
Monthly or quarterly done-for-you sales tax filing, you're welcome.

Loom Reviews by Kirstiget the baddest b's expert eyes on your biz!
Kirsti will go in-depth on your business every month, providing advice on how to optimize your finances and keep cash flow growing.

Annual Budgeting Session let's stack your benjamins bb girl!
Want to feel extra prepared heading into the new year? Snag a spot on our schedule to build out your annual budget (available October through mid-December).

Customize Your Experience

elevate my biz

custom quotes

4 month minimum required

You wear a lot of hats in your business, but the bookkeeper one keeps winding up in the back of the closet with the dust bunnies... 

If you’ve found yourself behind on bookkeeping and the thought of playing catch-up sounds about as much fun as doing 12 loads of laundry (plus folding), let us be the ones to do it for you.

- QuickBooks Setup & Optimization
- Annual Income & Expense Categorization
- Monthly Bank Reconciliations
- Loom Video Walkthrough
- Collaboration with your CPA on 12 month + Projects


immediately yes

DIY more your style?

Got a few questions and want to consult a profesh? Check out our DIY Support where you can book a 1:1 sesh to chat about your business finances, or browse our dope freebies, spreadsheets, and resources!


why they’ll never leave 

I truly don’t know where I would be, or if I would still be in business without Kirsti Dory.

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Finances used to be my biggest concern, but now they have become an effortless tool to keep producing wealth and growth—truly all thanks to working with Kirsti and her incredible team.

From day one of working with Kirsti (and a year later), I have always felt comfortable asking questions and learning in a non-judgemental environment. Because of that, I’ve been able to adopt new strategies in goal setting, money mindset, and set myself up to find stability running my own business. 

- Mackenzie, Photographer - monthly bookkeeping client

I should have reached out YEARS ago!

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I hate to think about "what ifs" in life, BUT the peace of mind, incredible knowledge, and complete "let's go team" culture you have brought to TWIG is immeasurable and priceless. So, when I think back on all of the stress and unpreparedness of our early years all I can think of is "we needed Kirsti from Day 1".

- TWIG GARDENS, WEDDING FLORIST - monthly bookkeeping client

Kirsti is a LIFESAVER. Seriously!

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Before hiring her, I had no clear understanding or vision of my finances. I felt like I was just floating around guessing and that's not a peaceful place to be as a business owner. I feel confident moving forward and growing my business with Dory Dimes by my side. Business bestie!!!!

- LOVENDEAR, brand & website design - monthly bookkeeping client


You don’t know what you don’t know and that’s okay, but if you want to treat your business like a legit AF business, you can’t keep avoiding your numbers. 

What you can do is work with us, so you have a dime-piece partner who knows the ins and outs of your business, can help you save more, make more, and is there to advise you on those big financial decisions—all while tracking how much you should pay yourself and set aside for taxes. 

We didn’t all go to school for accounting, but we do
have to play by the rules…



The A’s to Your Q’s

(By the way… there are no stupid questions—the only stupid question is one that’s never asked.)

Bookkeeping is like housekeeping, except for your money. It’s all about recording and organizing your finances so that you’re prepared for tax time and can make smart decisions about your money that help you get rich and keep your business running long-term. 

Bookkeepers deal with the details of your business and prepare accurate financial records while CPAs assist with tax planning and filing your returns. 

What kind of monthly reporting do you provide?

What even is bookkeeping? And what’s the difference between a bookkeeper and a CPA?

Do you file taxes and 1099 forms? 

We don’t file income taxes, but we’ve got plenty of fantastic CPA referrals if you need one. As for Sales Tax, we do provide assistance with tracking and can train you on the proper way to file. Your 1099 forms we do file, both of our monthly bookkeeping services include filing up to five 1099-NEC forms, annually. 

What kind of monthly reporting do you provide?

What even is bookkeeping? And what’s the difference between a bookkeeper and a CPA?

Do you file taxes and 1099 forms? 

While it varies between packages, both of our monthly bookkeeping packages include profit and loss reporting, key performance metrics, owner pay estimates, tax savings plans, and optional sales tax tracking. In the Elevate package, you’ll also receive cash flow analysis, detailed expense reporting, forecast and budget planning, as well as actual versus budget reporting. If you aren’t sure what those things are, ask us on your discovery call!

What kind of monthly reporting do you provide?

What even is bookkeeping? And what’s the difference between a bookkeeper and a CPA?

Do you file taxes and 1099 forms?